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NEW RELEASE   Uptown Funk (and several more)

I haven’t posted anything for a while but I’ve been writing a LOT of music.  In addition to these 3 new pieces, I’ve written several routines for international level athletes from every part of the globe!  It has been a lot of fun - a couple of these will be released through Floor Express Music in the future.

Always Looking At New Music!

I'm putting up new music every week - if there is anything you want me to do, email me: barry@floorexpressmusic.com



Here is info about what is coming up.

I'm concentrating on a series of fantastic Movie Themes from the past several years that I didn't have time to orchestrate at the time.  First up is Dead Silence and then Mind Heist.   Love this stuff.

NEW ELVIS - I have my eye on another elvis tune - keep you posted.

Lion City - Several athletes have asked about Lion City.   There are NO good recordings of this piece, but I was able to locate a score.  I’m looking forward to doing Lion City with a very large orchestra in the next couple of weeks.

Flashdance - I have wanted to do one of these for years - it is a famous and fantastic dance piece. 


In 1979 after 2 years of playing piano for US Gymnasts, Barry Nease produced the first orchestrated floor-ex music in the US. The first 10 pieces were for the 1980 US Olympic Team. Athletes have used his work on every US Olympic Team since including the 1996 Gold Medal Atlanta Mag 7, Shawn Johnson's 2008 Silver Medal Olympic routine and Aly Raisman's amazing Gold Medal Olympic performance in 2012. He has arranged for some of the most outstanding athletes and choreographers in the US and the world.

Since founding Floor Express Music in 1988, he has produced 43 demos with over 1700 pieces and worked with over 11,000 private customers!

His passion is to produce the highest quality music and give personal attention to each private customer.

Stunning production, musicianship, detail, and service.

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Aly RaismanCatalina PonorMackenzie Brannan

Shannon MillerDominique MoceanuJessica Davis

Geze PozsarRhonda FaehnLudivine Furnon

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Floor Exercise - 2013 Nastia Liukin Cup
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